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Woodstock Times, August 3, 2006,

excerpted from

Hervey's Day

Woodstock Turns into a Maverick Festival

by Paul Smart

As for Today's Mavericks - Janet Hofsted, Susan Kamen Marsicano, Louis Kozma, Ed Lazansky, Doris Licht, Bill

Mead, and Pat Woodbridge - we're looking forward to what promises to be a diverse allotment of talent, from Licht's wild

sculptural ceramics and Hofsted's photography to Woodbridge's set design for films and theater and Marsicano's bright

surrealism, practiced to a fine perfection.

If what we've seen of Mead's bright, innovative painting is any indication, this exhibit - stretching from the middle

galleries to WAAM's always fascinating downstairs' space - should also prove enlightening in the involved artist's use of

shapes and coloration, mood and humor apparently embedded in the landscape White first found a century ago. As well

as in the primal structures he built then, many of them still standing.


a r t i c l e s   a n d   r e v i e w s


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