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Woodstock Times December 28, 2006

excerpted from

Forward in all directions

In art as in politics, "staying the course" gets the boot in '06

by Paul Smart

We finally got to meet - and fully appreciate - the accomplished, Turneresque watercolorist from Mohonk, Vinnie

Connelly, who had a great show at Vassar College's Palmer Gallery in Poughkeepsie. Loved Jake Berthot's left-handed

drawings at the Guild. Thought classical landscapist Judy Abbott, of Willow, may have started making the best work of

her long career. But ditto Kingston-based Julie Hedrick, who showed a new series of white paintings in New York, and

Maverick-based Bill Mead, who finally showed the work that he has been perfecting for a lifetime now - and promises to

show more in the coming years.


a r t i c l e s   a n d   r e v i e w s


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